This blog is to bring together fresh insights about libraries, research, and learning and to provide some context and commentary on the the latest  trends.   I hope that it will also become a vehicle sharing the latest innovations and best practices across the library, research and learning spaces.

Over more than a dozen years in academic publishing, I have worked with libraries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia to help them make the most of their information resources.    I have also been a voracious information consumer, turning information into insight as a graduate student, as a government analyst, and in a consulting environment.

This blog represents my own perspectives on the trends that are occurring in the information space and not the views of my employer ProQuest or its management.

I hope that you find this blog useful in your efforts to stay abreast on the amazing changes on the information landscape and that you will feel free to comment and add your own outlook or experience.  If you should have any questions or suggestions for this blog, let me know.

Mike Diaz (mikehdiaz@gmail.com)

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