Posted by: mhdiaz | April 5, 2012

Steven Bell Discusses the Future of Academic Libraries

Instructional Designer from the University of Minnesota Libraries Paul Zenke recently released an in-depth interview with Steven Bell which discusses the future of academic libraries.   The video clip is embedded below but I also encourage you to take a look at the complete interview and post which are found at the Education Futures site.

Steven talks about opportunities and challenges for academic libraries which result from shifts in higher education, user needs and preferences, and technology and surfaces offers some new ideas and best practices which could help libraries to chart their course.   The interview discusses a number of critical questions for the future.  As the user landscape continues to evolve, what are the implications for  collection development?  How can libraries begin to transform the total user experience across all touchpoints and what are the implications for physical library spaces?   How can libraries position themselves to play an even more central role within the rapidly changing landscape of  learning and research?

Steven encourages librarians to l00k outside of their profession for ideas and inspiration, to raise their visibility and influence in the campus community, to capitalize on their collective intelligence about user needs, and to play an even bigger role in shaping their future.


What trends do you see reshaping the future of academic libraries?  What are you doing to position your library for the future and what opportunities and challenges do you see? 

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