Posted by: mhdiaz | November 23, 2010

Charleston Conference Round Up

Here are some interesting highlights from The 30th Annual Charleston Conference. 

  • Patron-driven acquisition was explored in most of the presentations from the conference. In just the last year, the conversation has shifted from a critical evaluation of the approach to a how-to discussion on building patron-driven acquisition into collection development plans.  Clearly, there are a lot of moving parts here.  The discussion is getting into the details now such as how to ensure that patron-driven acquisition and approval plans are in synch, how and whether to insert librarian approvals, and how patron-driven acquisition might fit into library’s ILL and acquisitions workflows.  There is even a model being suggested for a theoretical “User-Driven Purchase Giveaway Library” where ebooks are printed on demand and given to users to keep, helping to contain the costs of acquisition, circulation, reshelving, etc.
  • Discovery Services remain an important area of focus and interest for libraries. The Faceoff for discovery solutions Summon and EDS was well attended.   
  • An important theme for academic libraries was the need to build the library’s profile within the academic institution and demonstrate how the library helps the institution in achieving its goals.  During my panel on alumni access, there was a lot of discussion about the importance and challenges of engaging the university alumni offices to help in funding and marketing alumni access services.  Libraries need to engage with the academic administration on a variety of fronts, hence the many projects that are underway to demonstrate academic library value.

I could feel that change was in the air on a lot of fronts, in the sessions and in my discussions with the other participants.  I would be interested in others’ takeaways from the conference. What was new, different, and useful?


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